1. Gift Card you can buy online or in our shop Etmonų street 4, Vilnius.

2. Gift Card can be used for payment at our Jewellery shop Etmonų str. 4, Vilnius.

3. Please keep the Gift Card as safe as any your other document. 

4. Gift card confirms the right of the Gift Card holder to use the sum specified in the card.

5.  If the sum of the desired purchase exceeds the value of the Gift Card, actual difference can be paid in cash, credit card.

6. If the holder of the Gift Card acquires services for the amount lower that the amount specified in the Gift Card, remaining amount is not returned to the holder of the Gift Card.

7. Gift Card is valid for 12 (twelve) months from its purchase date. 

8. Gift Card shall not be exchanged to cash.

9. Gift Card is non-renewable.

10. For more information please contact us by phone +370 614 2133 or by e-mail